​Super Nickel®

Super Nickel assemblies offer numerous mirror configurations with high performance designs and ease of maintenance.

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​Super Nickel® image

​Super Nickel® image

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​Super Nickel® small image
​Super Nickel® small image

The Premier Remote-Ready Rear View Mirror

Few rearview mirror configurations offer more benefits than the Super Nickels™. The system's two-head design means that each mirror head is independantly adjustable. In addition, the gap between the heads on each side of the vehicle allows for some revealing foreward visibility unmatched by any single housing or transit-style mirror.

Thanks to Mirror Lite's component-level engineering, maintenance on the Super Nickels is literally a snap. Most common replacements and repairs can be done while the mirror is still on the vehicle.

Super Nickel™ Mirror Heads

Part #Description
150-104 Mirror System, 3/4", Manual
150-204 Mirror System, 3/4", Heated
150-304 Mirror System, 3/4", Remote
150-404 Mirror System, 3/4", Remote, Heated
151-104 Mirror System, 1", Manual
151-204 Mirror System, 1", Heated
151-304 Mirror System, 1", Remote
151-404 Mirror System, 1", Remote, Heated
152-10LH Mirror Head 3/4", Manual
152-20LH Mirror Head , 3/4", Heated
152-30LH Mirror Head , 3/4", Remote
152-40LH Mirror Head , 3/4", Remote, Heated
153-10LH Mirror Head, 1", Manual
153-20LH Mirror Head , 1", Heated
153-30LH Mirror Head , 1", Remote
153-40LH Mirror Head , 1", Remote, Heated
154-10RH Mirror Head, 3/4", Manual
154-20RH Mirror Head , 3/4", Heated
154-30RH Mirror Head, 3/4", Remote
154-40RH Mirror Head , 3/4", Remote, Heated
155-10RH Mirror Head , 1", Manual
155-20RH Mirror Head, 1", Heated
155-30RH Mirror Head, 1", Remote
155-40RH Mirror Head, 1", Remote, Heated

Super Nickel Applications

  • School Bus

Mirror Lite Advantages:

  • High Performance Lens Design
  • Highly Servicable Mirror Systems
  • Long Service Life
  • Custom Engineered OEM and Aftermarket
  • Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the USA